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The world is changing

In our case I am specifically talking about the GPS's and the navigation world. As GPS Expert we are now busy for five years and in the last 5 year there where some changes, but not so much, in the area of route planning for car's and motorcycles is not much changed, 4 times per year a new map and occasionally a new device.

In the Outdoor area the is now a complete range of new Garmin GPS devices, with or without buttons,they are all almost the same and are best usable when following and using tracks. The trail from somebody else whom has placed it on Internet and which track we are trying to follow. Especially during walking and bicycling we us this a lot.
We also get lots of questions about long distance bicycle routes for example to Rome, Santiago de Compostella, or through Asia. But also more often questions from racing bicyclists whom have replaced the simple bike computer for a Garmin Edge and love to ride " TomTom" routes.
The last few day's and weeks are the changes going very fast:
The OSM maps are becoming better and better, more roads added, better road class definitions and we now can us them routable, we get route directions from our GPS bit as i like to call it the "TomTom" route. In the cars is this the usual method, but outside the car in the fields and wood this is not so naturally. Initiatives like (it's free, but it's very nice to donate for all the labour) are making our life much easier, especially the latest map of whole West Europa where the biking roads are presented the best possible way, so that we van create routable routes and follow them easy.
Recently Garmin seems to hear the customer wishes to make it possible and make it easier to do more with routes. In the past we had in out Outdoor GPS only 4 choices; car/motor, pedestrian, bicycle and off road there are now several new activities and also the avoidance are enriched with extra possibilities, whereby the avoidances are remembered in every profile..... read more here.
The new activities are; Automobile, ATV/Off Road, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Hiking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Tour Cycling, Mountain Biking, and Direct (as the crow flies).
Available in Garmin BaseCamp for Windows and for Mac and in the GPS devices Montana, GPSmap 62/78 and Oregon 450/550. The Edge 800, Dakota 20 and eTrex 20/30 devices will receive these additions later this year.
The last step now also started, the map to support these new activities. The new Topo Germany 2012 pro and TransAlpin 2012 Pro maps now offer support for the activities, now we can indicate in the GPS that we as Pedestrian do or do not want to avoid steep hills and climbing paths and we are  send by the GPS which uses the information from the Topo map to follow specific Pedestrian roads and trails. The Mountain biker follows another trails and another route, because of his/her chosen route activity.
Another development is that we see the competitors getting stronger, but also getting better. Mio has brought a new racing bike GPS to the shops; the Mio Cyclo 300 which can also work with Open Source Maps an can create a Surprise route for you, based on time or distance, this makes it an unique GPS device!
Example how to create a surprise route in the Mio Cycle 300

CompeGPS TwoNav Advantura outdoor GPSAnd also the brand CompeGPS with the TwoNav series GPS devices and TwoNav software. The software in there own GPS devices is exactly the same as there TwoNav application for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. The functionality is the same on all devices and platforms, very handy! The also know a license structure to have the possibility to share maps and application between your devices and app's.

The TwoNav software knowns two “sides” the  OnRoad/Car side with maps from Teleatlas and the possibility to plan routes on roads (like any normal car satnav) with directional information and the Outdoor side which is very use full to follow tracks and self created road books.
CompeGPS Land software for Windows and Mac
For planning and management of routes, tracks, waypoints and maps there is the their own application LAND for Windows and/or Mac OS X.
Not as user friendly as the competition (read Garmin BaseCamp), but it's not bad, Better than OziExplorer for example......


And?!   It  is summer! Finaly!

Summer on 25 May 2012 in The Netherlands
I am going to enjoy it, because what is not changed is enjoying beautiful weather Wink

Marco Pietersma
25 May 2012



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