GPS Help Desk in the evening on appointment.

Introduction:GPS Help Desk engineer
We can help you remotely using Internet connections with problems or questions about your GPS (Satnav) device and the GPS applications on your computer. We can also talk you through the settings and menu's of your GPS device, this possible if we have the same GPS device in our office.

We can help you very well with your GPS application problems and/or USB-attached GPS device.

We even can give you a course in Garmin BaseCamp devided over 2 or more sessions.

We deliver support in Dutch and English languages.


Book a GPS Helpdesk session with the GPS Experts from GPS Expert on Vimeo.


Which devices /applications:

We can support you with the following GPS  / Satnav devices:

  • Garmin outdoor GPS devices like the eTrex 20, 30, GPSmap 60CSx, GPSmap 62/64/78, Dakota, Oregon, Montana and Monterra series.
  • Garmin fitness GPS devices like the Forerunner and Edge 605/705, 800, 810 and 1000 series.
  • Garmin motorcycle devices like the Streetpilot series, zumo 210/220, 450, 500, 550, 660 and 340/350/390, BMW V and 590 series.
  • TomTom motorcycle devices like the Rider 1, Rider2, Urban,  Pro and 2013 (wide) Riders.
  • CompeGPS TwoNav devices like the Sportiva, Adventura and Delta.
  • CompeGPS TwoNav navigation software on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Mac.
  • Tripy motorcycle/car device like the Tripy and TripyII


We can support you with the following GPS  / Satnav applciations:

  • Garmin GPS applications like MapSource, BaseCamp, Training Center and Garmin Connect And all additional applications like MapInstall, Garmin Express and PoiLoader.
  • Garmin Maps and OSM maps like the Topo Pro maps, OpenBicycleMap, OpenMTBmap and OSM World routable maps (and many more).
  • Google GPS applications Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • TomTom GPS application TomTom Home.
  • Tripy RoadTracer program
  • Impended routing applications like ITN Convertor, Tyre, Tyre Pro and RouteConvertor.
  • Route, Track, History and Course converters like GPS Babel, WinGDB3 and RTWtool
  • CompeGPS applications like LAND and TwoNav.
  • Garmin GPS utilities like JaVaWa GMTK and JaVaWa Device Manager  (we are sponsor of these apps!)


With what kind of questions:

Mac and Windows supportWe can help you with the following problems and questions:

  • Advice which GPS device and maps are the best for your activities.
  • Downloading of routes and tracks and sending these to your GPS device.
  • Adjusting of existing waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches.
  • Create, edit, change all of waypoints (favorites or locations), routes, courses, tracks, history and triplog.
  • Downloading and installing of GPS maps to your computer and GPS device (like: nüLife, nüOne, OnRoute).
  • Migration of all GPS data, programs and maps from an old computer to a new computer.
  • Downloading extra Poi's like speed cams and camping sites to the GPS device.
  • And lots of other actions which are related to GPS knowledge on an computer.


How to get support:

  • You make an appointment and pay us in advance using PayPal or using bank transfer, you receive an invoice with all information.
  • We call you at your fixed phone in Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg or by using Skype all over the world.
  • With the appointment acknowledgment by e-mail, you also receive a short instruction (pdf), in which is described how you need to prepare your remote GPS Help Desk session.
  • After you give us the temporary and one time access codes, we take over you PC or Mac computer screen and help you with your questions.


  • 0-30 minutes support € 10,=
  • 0,5-1 hour support € 20,=
  • 1-2 hours support € 35,=
  • 2-3 hours support € 50,=
  • Other methodes at request.


Only with an appointment: in the evening from 19.00 till 23.00 and in the weekend from 10.00 till 19.00.

All times are GMT+1 from November till April and GMT+2 from April till October.
Our daylight savings is from the last Sunday in March till the last Sunday in Oktober

Reservations are possible till 3 days in front of the above time frames!


Request support:

You create the reservation by using our reservation system and choice the time/day you like, with a maximum of 6 weeks in front.

After you receive the conformation of th reservation you can pay by using Credit Card or Paypal (+4% transfer costs) then your appointment is confirmed automatically.  After manual conformation from us, you will receive the invoice by e-mail which you can pay by bank transfer. Internationally is PayPal or Credit Card preferred.



  • Only at appointment!
  • There is are a minimum of 3 days between your request and the appointment time.
  • Payment in front.
  • We only call fixed phone lines or by Skype.


Risks and Liability:

  • We would never change anything without your permission.
  • With our current working method, it is almost impossible to get a virus from us to you or vice versa.
  • Remote support is completely risk-free , we help you and together operate your mouse and keyboard.
  • We will never see data in your computer without your permission.
  • The codes used for taking over your computer are temporary and will terminate automatically, we can never get control of your computer without giving us the latest codes.
  • Adjusting / changing GPS software on a computer only causes problems if additional system software needs to be modified ( like: reinstall Microsoft .Net frameworks ).
  • We are very careful and together with you, we ensure that all functions keep working.
  • We are not responsible for errors that are already in your computer or arose by acts of persons other than employees of
  • We are not responsible for errors that occur in programs other than the GPS programs that we may renew, move and install for you.
  • We are only liable for mistakes we make, normally we only work with and at GPS software.
  • If we make mistakes and your system does not work , we will do our best to correct the errors.
  • You should have a good and recent backup of your system software and operating system present. You are responsible for making the resend backup (we can do that , but it costs extra time).
  • The presence of a good recent backup is not a requirement, but if something goes wrong and there is no backup of your system, then our responsibility void to repair your system.
  • If it appears that you are asking us to perform against legal acts, we do have the right to refuse and end the session without refund.