Cookie Declaration

When using website frpm GPS Expert it is possible that GPS Expert and/or third parties information about your use off this and other web site are collected, for example by using cookies. A cookie is a small file which is created on your computer by your browser on request of a web site. The cookie allows that the website you recognizes on the next visit. 

The information which is collected, for example by using cookies by GPS Expert and/or third parties can be used for the following purposes


1) For functional purpose: to allow easier navigation and logging on to web site like GPS Expert. So that you preferences of GPS Expert are the same next time.

Example: you logon to a web site and by using a cookie our system recognizes you the next time you visits the website and are logged on automatically. You don't have to logon again.


2) For analytic purpose: to analyze the use of the GPS Expert website.

Example: possible to count how many visitors visit a specific web page, GPS Expert then knows which (parts) of her web sites is most popular.


3) For commercial purpose: to keep track how many and which advertisement are shown to you (to prevent that you see the same ad every time) and to know if you have clicked on an advertisement.

Example: before showing a video we can show a commercial. To prevent that you see the same advertisement every time, we keep track which add is shown to you.


4) For "targeting" purpose: base on your web browsing behavior profiles are build, used to show you advertisements in which you probably have the most interest. This profile can also be build on information from visits to other websites.


The above collected information can be combined with the by GPS Expert processed personal data. The information which is collected by third parties will not be combined with the by GPS Expert processed personal data. GPS Expert does not use and has no access to the information which third parties are collecting. The use of cookies and other technics by these third parties, as meant, are subject of there own privacy declarations, which should be found on there own websites.


Remove and deny the use of cookies

Using the web browser settings you can remove existing cookies and deny the creation of new cookies. How, thats different per browser: read and search the help function of your web cookies. And it's also possible to deny the cookies from GPS Expert websites on individual or collective basis by using Here you can see which of the mentioned cookies are active in your browser


After deletion and/or denial of cookies it is possible that you still see advertisements.


Attention: when you remove and/or deny cookies, it is not always possible to use a website. Also the denial of uses and/or removal; of cookies, is only active on the computer on which you performed the actions. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers, than you need to repeat all actions for all computers and/or browsers.



On all personal data at the website GPS Expert which could be processed based on cookies are the GPS Expert Privacy Declaration applicable.


Changes in this declaration

GPS Expert has the right to make changes in this Cookie Declaration. Every change will be published on this page. We recommend that you read this page on regular basis, so that you are aware of the latest version.


This Cookie Declaration is changed at 24 September 2012.